Social Skills

Summer Camp

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Camps cost $500 and is due at the time of registration.

  3-4 Year Old Group 

July 12-16

Led by Antonia Calabrese

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  5-6 Year Old Group

June 14-18

Led by Michelle Collins

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  7-8 Year Old Group

Led by  Antonia Calabrese

August 2-6

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9-10 Year Old Social Skills Groups

Led by Megan Wimbish

June 2-August 4 (Wednesdays 4-5pm)

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Daily Schedule

9:00-9:10   Welcome/ greeting time

9:10-9:30   Yoga/ dance party

9:30-9:40   Intro of social skill

9:40-10:00  Interactive game

10-10:20  Snack/ Storytime bathroom breaks

10:20-10:50  Free play (interventions)

10:50-11:00   Mindfulness activity

11:00-11:30  Craft

11:30-11:50   Free play/ dyads

11:50-12pm Sensory Activity/ wrap up


Monday: Joining group/ Introducing yourself/ Making new friends

Tuesday: Sharing/ Taking turns

Wednesday: Listening Skills

Thursday: Being Kind/ Empathy- Mindfulness/ calming skills/ self regulation

Friday: Celebrating YOU: affirmations/resources

Has your child been identified by daycare workers or teachers as lacking social skills? Does your child tend to play by themselves or struggle to initiate play with others? Is there trouble taking turns or sharing with siblings or other peers?

For all children, ages 5-8 is a critical developmental stage to work through understanding and using social skills to build their own relationships.

In these social skills groups, our goal is both educate on social skills, help each child practice these skills during group and allow a child to experience what healthy relationship building looks like.

MCFT now uses the Social Express Curriculum! Social Express uses research-based lessons allow users to interactively work through real-life situations. Our unique animated programs help drive learning and success in and out of the classroom.

We focus on 6 developmentally-based, essential social skills:

  • feelings identification
  • empathy
  • relaxation/mindfulness
  • listening skills
  • sharing/ taking turns
  • impulse control

Each group runs for 8 sessions and will include a parent intake session as well as a final parent recommendation session.

Group rates vary but are reduced from normal individual sessions.

For more on what is normal developmentally, check out this social/ emotional developmental milestones chart .

Contact our office today to find out our summer social skills group schedule: 832-615-5508

Preteen Social Skills Groups

Our 11-13 year olds will work on feelings identification, empathy, listening skills, taking turns, relaxation, joining groups, staying on topic in conversation, boundaries

Does your preteen struggle to join groups or initiate conversations with others? Do you find that your preteen can talk without recognizing if others are interested in what they are saying? Does your preteen struggle to filter their thoughts to what is appropriate in different settings?

Our preteen social skills groups strives to teach preteens practical social skills through interactions, insightful discussions, games and activities.

The social skills we tend to focus on for preteens include but are not limited to:

  • joining conversations
  • introducing yourself
  • taking turns in conversations
  • filtering thoughts/ actions
  • boundaries with others
  • conflict management
  • assertiveness training.

For more on what normal social/emotional development looks like in preteens, check out this milestones chart.

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