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For those parents who are wondering what to tell your children about this virus, below is a video to help you start the conversation with your child/children.

Here are some tips for parents during this time:

1.) TALK to your kids! Your children need to hear from you and want to know that you are able to converse with them about this topic. It is so important for us as adults to address the situation with our children as they are hearing our conversations and information from other children that might not be accurate.

2.) STAY CALM AND FACTUAL There is a lot of panic and this is not helpful for anyone but can especially impact our youngest minds. Kids need to know what is happening and what is real versus what is hypothetical.

3.) GET A GAME PLAN When experiencing a traumatic event (even vicariously) our brains need to have a way to take action and get some movement going. Forming a game plan of what you might do if someone is infected as well as steps we can take to help prevent infection can really help our little ones feel empowered versus helpless.

4.) PRACTICE CALM Now is the time to practice your calming strategies. This can be anything from a spiritual meditative practice or prayer to simply taking a deep breathe regularly. Children observe these practices and will learn them from you. It can also be helpful to do these practices together as a family.

And as always, we are here to help with any questions or concerns you have. 832-615-5508


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Coronavirus Mental Health Resources