Grief is the final act of love - unknown.

At the moment a loved one dies, grief becomes a new component to our family, and our individual life. Our tasks are to begin to find ways of incorporating grief into our lives so that we can keep the connection to our loved one while making room for this new emotion. Even in resistance, pain, and heartache, finding a relationship to our grief is our next step in the healing journey.

Our grief specialist, Joseph Magallanes, MA, LPC-Intern, has had experience helping grieving families in San Antonio, at the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas, and continues to see individuals for grief and loss related issues. Joseph utilizes Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning as a model for children, adults, and families to process their feelings of grief, and connect with themselves, their family, and ultimately find the enduring connection with their loved one who died.

Grief and loss can also be present when we experience an incredibly painful, or unexpected transition, breakup, or loss of ability. We recognize the complex nature of grief and provide space for the individual to connect compassionately with themselves to process their feelings of loss. In this setting Joseph makes us of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, grounded in self-compassion.

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