Crisis Counseling

Being affected by a natural disaster, such as flooding, can be life altering. It may leave one feeling helpless, lost, confused, overwhelmed, and without hope. In crisis situations, it is common to feel scattered and unable to plan beyond your current situation.

At Memorial Child and Family Therapy we focus attention on comfort and solace, an opportunity to express feelings, and support during the initial period following a traumatic event. We want to help you to begin picking up the pieces and create a plan to return your family’s routines to as normal as possible.

The following are common experiences when working through a crisis:

  • Losing everything you have and worked for
  • Having families separated and being surrounded by strangers
  • Losing support systems in life
  • Being bottled in and needing a release
  • Losing a job, house, or having extensive damage to your property or belongings
  • Moving to a new culture and experiencing culture shock
  • Losing everything that is familiar or comforting
  • Feeling emotionally drained,  feeling anger, or experiencing survivor’s guilt
  • Having difficult conversations with family members and children

Image result for hurricane harvey flood downtown houston photos Hurricane Harvey and Crisis Counseling

With Hurricane Harvey devastating Houston, we wanted to let Houston know that we are offering crisis counseling services. We will conduct these services via Skype or phone until the power in our office is back on.

What is helpful is remembering the 3 phases of trauma recovery: 1) safety & stabilization 2) remembrance & mourning and 3) reconnection and integration back into life. In Houston right now, we are in phase 1.) safety and stabilization.

***If you are experiencing displacement, flooding, trauma during this event, please contact us for more information on services where you are.  We are happy to help troubleshoot any issues you are having. We are also connecting with a network of play therapists who are planning to provide therapy for shelters once we can get to them and visit children so let us know if you are in a shelter and in need.

If you have children who have been displaced during the storm, you can also check out our post on our Facebook page to learn more about processing this event with your child.

For more on how we help you and your family process trauma, click here.

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