Understood. Empowered. Connected. Loved.

This slogan has been the heartbeat of Memorial Child & Family Therapy since the beginning. This is more than just a slogan or a mission statement for us, this is what we do in each of our sessions with children and families. 


We know how hard it can be to parent children with big emotions. Maybe you have tried talking with friends and teachers and still feel like they don't completely get what you and your child are going through. You have spent your time and energy searching ideas with solutions for your child and have yet to find a piece of advice that actually helps you understand why your child behaves the way they do.  At Memorial Child & Family Therapy, we come from a place of empathy and understanding that your journey is complex and you are trying hard to parent them well. We understand children because we specialize in emotional and behavioral struggles in ages 2-18. We 


One of our main goals in the therapeutic process is to teach you how to use our techniques and understanding and apply them in your home life, school environments and other areas where your child needs emotional intelligence. We are only with your child one hour a week. We fully believe in parents and their capacity to create emotional healing and bonding in ways the therapist cannot. And we work with you to get them the strength and confidence they need to see lasting change. 


Connection is such a key element of behavioral change.  You might be thinking, "where has my sweet, loving child gone?", or, "I can't remember the last time we laughed together". We know how hard it can be in stressful and difficult stages to emotionally connect with your child. This is why we work so hard to give you ways to create positive connections with your child that are brain based and proven to improve relationships. 


The bond between a parent and child is one of the most incredible relationships humans can experience. As specialists in working with children and families, we help you experience this bond in new ways. Above all, we know how much you love your children and want to come alongside you to help you and your child communicate this love to each other. 

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