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Currently taking clients for our Spring Groups.

4- 5 year olds- Thursdays 3-4pm

10-11 year old boys- Wednesdays 5-6pm

Managing Meltdowns Parenting Class- Thursdays 6pm-7pm

Contact 832-615-5508 today as space is limited. 


Preteen Social Skills Groups:

Does your preteen struggle to join groups or initiate conversations with others? Do you find that your preteen can talk without recognizing if others are interested in what they are saying? Does your preteen struggle to filter their thoughts to what is appropriate in different settings? Are you constantly reminding your preteen to make eye contact or "look at the person when they are talking to them"? 

Our preteen social skills groups strives to teach preteens practical social skills through interactions, insightful discussions, games and activities. We have groups for ages 10-12 running during the spring, summer and fall. 

The social skills we tend to focus on for preteens include but are not limited to:

  • joining conversations
  •  introducing yourself
  •  taking turns in conversations
  •  filtering thoughts/ actions
  • boundaries with others
  •  conflict management
  • assertiveness training. 

For more on what normal social/emotional development looks like in preteens, check out this milestones chart. 

Groups are typically meet weekly for 6-8 weeks and include 2 parenting sessions. 

For more information on our summer preteen social skills groups, call us today! 

5-8 year old Social Skills Groups

Has your child been identified by daycare workers or teachers as lacking social skills? Does your child tend to play by themselves or struggle to initiate play with others? Is there trouble taking turns or sharing with siblings or other peers? 

For all children, age 5-6 is a key developmental stage to work through understanding and using social skills to build their own relationships. Ages 7-8 are more advanced in their social skills  but most still need help solidifying social- emotional understanding, conflict management and reciprocity in their relationships. 

In these social skills groups, our goal is both educate and allow a child to experience what healthy relationship building looks like.

We focus on 6 areas of social skills:

  • feelings identification
  •  empathy
  • relaxation/mindfulness
  •  listening skills
  •  sharing/ taking turns
  • impulse control

Groups are split into developmental stages of ages 5-6 and 7-8. Each group runs for 6-8 weeks and will include a parent intake session as well as a final parent recommendation session. 

Group rates vary but are reduced from normal individual sessions. Typical groups are $50- $60 per session.

For more on what is normal developmentally, check out this social/ emotional developmental milestones chart.

Contact our office today to find out our fall social skills group schedule: 832-615-5508

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